Forms requiring completion

You are expected to complete and submit the following forms:

  • Form — for all new students, and students submit online, or parents/guardians can submit with their student’s log-in
  • Another Form (PDF) — only for students under the age of 18, and your parent or guardian must complete this form;

Health care on site

Health Service (HS) can provide most of your health care while you are. People pay a health service fee (included as part of tuition) which covers many services.  For who and what is covered, see Fees for People.

HS services are available by appointment, although help for urgent problems is available, and you can call HS day or night if you need medical advice. To learn more about health care, see the Guide to Health Care (PDF).

For easy access, please put these HS numbers in your phone:

  • (675) 743-8570 — call when HS is open
  • (998) 235-1028 — call for advice when HS is closed


Consider purchasing Insurance, which significantly reduces financial loss if you are unable to complete due to physical or psychological illness. For about the price of a textbook, you can protect your financial investment for the entire year.


Arrange for prescription renewals and/or a supply of medications to bring.

Contact the Pharmacy (432-574-7217) regarding transferring prescriptions. We want to be your pharmacy of choice.

If you take ADD/ADHD medications, plan ahead. On stable regimens may renew prescriptions by visiting a HS physician and bringing the following to the first visit:

  1. Documentation of diagnosis of ADD/ADHD and
  2. Documentation of current management plans for ADD/ADHD

If you wear glasses or contact lenses, bring a copy of your current prescription, in case replacement is needed. You can get eye exams, contact lenses and glasses at the HS Eye Care Clinic and Optical Shop.

If you take allergy shots, arrange to bring antigen and continue shots at HS. HS must review and approve all treatment programs.See Allergy Services or call.