Daniel Albert AlvarezFacebook Review
My mother and sister Alejandra have been patients of Dr. Burkett for more than 7 years and are extremely satisfied with all of his work. He’s a great dentist, we definitely recommend him to anyone who is looking for a place to go!
Bertha RodriguezFacebook Review
Dr. Burkett has always gone above and beyond for his patients! Very pleased customer with all my 4 kids. First time in his office when my son was 5 now he is a junior in college.  We have always received 100% service.  Thank you Dr. Burkett.
Ralph BrookshireFacebook Review
Dr. Burkett is a great dentist, and an even better person. I highly recommend him and his staff of caring professionals.
Andrea TeresseFacebook Review
Very satisfied with Dr Burkett. Call to set up an appointment great customer service, they are here to help you with all your dental needs.
Jorge MartinezFacebook Review
Found a new dentist for my family. Dr. Jason Burkett! Check out his practice and consider coming here! I’m glad I did!