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Welcome to Burk Family Dentistry! Being a proud father of two, Dr. Burkett understands the convenience of having a family dentist brings. We create an atmosphere where every visit is made comfortable. Our dedicated efforts include providing oral health care to performing corrective procedures that restore your mouth’s overall health.

Burkett dentistry believes in patient-focused services and employs time-honored procedures combined with cutting-edge technology. Our comprehensive dental care tends to you and your family’s dental care. 

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We make you smile a little more heartily with our accurately designed Perfect Smile Braces that are worn comfortably. Our skilled technicians make use of innovative softwares to model braces that fit in your teeth with minimum discomfort. Straighten your smile with the carefully crafted braces!

Smile is the first thing that strikes others and casts an impression. A cheeky smile is all you need to win over people. Crooked or misaligned teeth might make you shy away from smiling, but your very own Dentist In Mission, Tx, has got you covered!

Our perfect smile braces give you the confidence to sport a broader smile.




Let us show you how we can make your smile better than ever before.


We can make your teeth straight again with a variety of methods.


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For more than a decade, Dr. Burkett has been proud to serve families of the Rio Grande Valley at Burkett Dentistry where he warmly welcomes patients of all ages to create a dental home. Dr. Burkett completed his undergraduate studies at the Southwest Texas State University of Texas in San Marcos, and earned his Doctor of Dental Surgery at Baylor College of Dentistry in Dallas, TX.  Dr. Burkett attended the University of Florida where he completed a mini residency in Pediatric and Special Needs Dentistry. Dr. Burkett is licensed to provide dental services in the state of Texas by the Western Regional Examination Board. As a well-respected member of the dental community, Dr. Burkett maintains affiliation with the American Dental Association, the State of Texas Dental Association, and the Academy of General Dentistry.

  • Supporter of local Communities
  • Dentists who Care Volunteer
  • Honduras Mission Trips
  • Participates in Community events
  • Proud father of two Boys
  • Donates to Local Chairities

Purpose of Dental Cement for Bridges

Distance, no matter where it is, is never appealing! Dental Cement For Bridges is required to cover the gap that is created by one or two missing teeth. To bridge this gap, false teeth or pontics are installed between the crowns of teeth on either side of the gap, called abutment teeth.

You get all types of dental bridges that help you to restore your smile. You can either go for traditional bridges, cantilever bridges, or Maryland bonded bridges. Dental cementing for bridges process involves the preparation of the abutment teeth, recontouring them to be able to support the pontic. Impressions are taken from the teeth, which are considered as a model for the bridge, pontic, and crown. Next, you will get new porcelain or metal bridge that is checked and adjusted for a proper fit. You might have to make more than two trips to make sure of the fitting. However, that depends on your case. Once it sets in perfectly, the bridge is cemented into place.

Getting Multiple Root Canals

Root canals need not to be spelled scary! Despite the fear the word causes, Dr. Burkett makes it a very simple procedure that is associated with very little pain. It is a common treatment required for a tooth with inflamed or infected pulp, due to a deep cavity or trauma to the teeth.

The process involves cleaning out the infected tissue from the pulp chamber, disinfecting it, and then sealing the area. You might require a crown on top of the tooth structure that prevents cracking or chipping—done and dusted! Nothing to fear or whimper about. Sometimes patients do require Multiple Root Canals, but that depends on individual cases.

Dr. Burkett offers every dental procedure under one roof. It is your one-stop dental services hospital where complicated procedures to as simple as Teeth Whitening are offered. Dr.Burkett is located in Mission and Mcallen, Texas.

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